Legion Memorial GC Tentative Dates for Aeriating and Sanding the Greens
Fall - Sept. 25th
(We expect the greens to be a bit bumpy and sandy for about 7-10 days)

Aerification Schedule: 
Sept. 24th - 
Legion Memorial will stop teeing off at 3pm. 
Sept. 25th - Course is Closed All Day
Sept. 26th -
Course open with Super Twilight Pricing All Day
Sept. 27th - Course open with Twilight Pricing All Day

Greens aerification will be done at both of our City of Everett golf courses during the month of Sept. as most facilities in the Pacific Northwest. The aerification of our greens are good for their health and helps ensure quality playing conditions through-out the year.

We appreciate your patience.  

Fairway Aerification 

Some Tees and Fairways will also be aerified with some sanding during the months of Sept. and Oct. This is necessary for the health of our fairways and must be done before the rainy season gets here. Fairway aerification is done 1 to 3 holes at a time and results in almost no disruption of play or play conditions. The plugs are picked up immediately and the fairway is then sanded. 

When the fairway and green surrounds are aerified, if your ball ends up in one of the aerification holes or sanded areas you may take best relief available (lift, clean & place) for no penalty within one club length, no closer to the hole.


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